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With Flavor

Raw and Uncut

Live shows from The Blue Couch Studio

Blue Couch
Is A Podcast
FROM the Midwest

Couple of friends from the Midwest decided to bring visibility of DeFi to the average investor. We sat around on the blue couches and it came to realization that people may want to hear about DeFi and bourbon. With the amount of knowledge we've dedicated to learning inside the crypto space - we started a podcast.

Our next steps were to figure how we can incorporate our knowledge to the common investor that is raw, uncut and brings visibility to another hobby, bourbon. As we partnered with FEGtoken.com and started gaining visibility - the transition to a LIVE show was seamless. Welcome to OUR world of DeFi and bourbon; "Get that Bourbon ready and let's talk DeFi." Each show explores our guests project details and business strategy - while WE sip on our favorite bourbon AND engage with unscripted banter. 

Live Podcast and unscripted

Bourbon &


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Episodes: 45

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